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Type 15a


The Type 15a is an aluminium adaptation of the award winning Hone Type 15 razor. Fully CNC machined the geometry of this three piece razor has been adjusted to match the properties of this high performance yet lightweight material.

Offering a compelling combination of comfort, closeness, and agility, the Type 15a is a great addition to the Type 15 range.  



85mm handle


Timeless colour combination

The Type 15a is offered in a choice of classic silver or a robust black anodised finishes. This hard wearing coating provides increased protection against corrosion and wear and will keep your Type 15a looking great for years.  



The overall dimensions of the Type 15a match those of the 15, with the addition of a 100mm handle option. The balance point and distribution of weight is the same, but with only  about 1/3 the overall weight. There have been some geometry updates to the head of the razor to account for the difference in material weight and to offer slightly more feel compared to the  Type 15.