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Using your Hone Razor

30°  and with the grain. 


The Hone razor is designed to work best held at 30° to the skin.  This angle lets you comfortably handle the razor over the changing  contours of your face.  If you are new to using a safety razor finding and maintaining this angle as you shave might take a little practice.  To find this angle for the first time, hold the razor completely perpendicular to the skin. Taking short gentle strokes slowly bring the handle down until you feel the blade start to cleanly remove hair without irritation or dragging. Try exploring the angle you hold the razor as this can affect the quality of the shave in different areas as well as trying some different blades.

It is best to shave with the grain especially on the first pass, this will help prevent razor bumps and rashes as well as ingrown hairs. It will usually take a second or third pass to get perfect results depending on your skin and hair type. You don't need to press a safety razor into the skin, to get the best shave use the weight of the razor and let the sharpness of the blade do the work for you, this leads to a more comfortable shave and less irritation . When you first start using a safety razor you might get very small nicks as you get used to the technique, but these will pass as you become accustomed to the razor. 


Quick Tips 


Pull your skin taught.

Pull your skin taut. This will ensure smooth continuous contact as you shave, and allows the blade to move better over the skin helping prevent shaving nicks.


Shave with short strokes.

Shave using short strokes. One long stroke might look good in shaving adverts, but doesn't give the best results. Clean the flutes of the razor often to keep the leading edge of the blade free to cut more hair.


Let the blade do all the work.

Don't press hard. Avoid applying additional pressure when shaving. You do not need to press the razor into the skin, the weight of the razor is all it takes. If it feels like you need pressure, its time for a new blade.


Use the blade evenly.

Use both sides. A double edged razor has two sides, it sounds obvious but its easy to get into a rhythm and forget you can use both sides before needing to rinse the razor. Using both sides evenly will also help extend the blade life.


Prepare your razor.

Just as you prepare your skin, your razor can also be prepared. Make sure your razor is clean and stand your razor in warm water before you want to shave. The water should be comfortable temperature for your skin. Warming the razor will expand all the components, including the blade. making sure they are the same every time you use it and feels great.


Give yourself time.

Don’t forget to enjoy shaving. Everyday is busy enough so plan 5 or 10 minutes for yourself. Try not to rush It can lead to shaving nicks, and missed spots.