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Type 15


The practice of shaving is a moment of reflection in an otherwise hectic life. A good shave prepares your face for the important day ahead and gives quiet confidence. Like any job worth doing well, choosing the right tool is important.

The Hone Type 15 Razor keeps distractions to a minimum, focusing on the classic safety razor qualities of simplicity and balance to create an approachable and uncomplicated product that lets you focus on task in hand.


Unique Geometry.

The Type 15 geometry was created from scratch. Focused on achieving a great shave quality and feel whilst producing a modern and clean interpretation of a double edge safety razor.  We wanted the parts to feel like they belonged together and were carved from a single piece. For our first razor we wanted to make sure it was an approachable and mild razor that you aren't afraid to use before something important or simply everyday.


CNC Machined

Each Hone razor is CNC machined giving supreme control over tolerances. Machined components have an inherent quality and the sculpted and finely textured surfaces of the Type 15 provide good grip all over the handle even when wet and wont corrupt the feedback from the razor.


Feeling in control of the razor is key to confidence and good results. The balance point of the razor is below the head using the weight to offer just the right assistance to shave without being too aggressive or becoming unwieldy by being too high. It also allows you to pivot around the centre of gravity as you maneuver around the contours of your face.

3 piece construction

Refinement, not re-invention. The Hone Type 15 is a traditional three piece razor construction. This tried and true method means there are no complex mechanical components to wear out or fail, allowing more focus on the detail and quality of each part without compromise.




Designed to age with you.

Type 15 is made from solid Brass which offers great thermal conductivity, substantial weight and a unique changing finish.  The surface on your new razor will mellow and take on a unique patina for every owner based on their habits. It will deepen with age but areas with heavy contact will burnish and shine.


Depending on your preferences it is possible to keep the surface of the Type 15 bright, or allow it to naturally show signs of use becoming something individual and unique. Your Hone Razor  will always be changing but without sacrificing the great shave.


Built to last.


Through material choice, construction, and attention to detail, Hone strives for character and individuality. Everyday tasks don’t have to be mundane, and neither do the tools.

Type 15 Safety Razor (Raw Brass)
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Type 15 Safety Razor (Raw Brass)
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