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Type 15 razors, two distinct materials


Type 15 from solid brass

For a long time Brass was the go to material in the nautical world for its ability to withstand whatever was thrown at it. Heavy, trustworthy, and reliable, it is imbued with these historical qualities.  A traditional material for double edged safety razors, its use in the Type 15 carries a certain nostalgia but with a new perspective; taking time and care of the objects you chose to surround yourself with. Heavy, yet warm the patina and surface of the razor reflects the individuality of every owner.


Type 15a, lightweight aluminium


Aluminium with its properties of lightness and strength made it ideal for pushing boundaries throughout the 20th Century. It is difficult to overstate how much influence this material has had on daily life.  In the Type 15a the introduction of aluminium provides a subtlety and a different perspective to the Type 15 geometry. In contrast to the weight of the brass, the 15a offers agility and scalpel like precision.  Small tweaks were made to the head to account for the difference in weight for the 15a, and the result is a razor that has family traits of the Type 15, yet with a character and appoach all of its own.