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Solid titanium.

Limited to 22 examples.  

The Type 15, our award winning razor. We wanted to celebrate the amazing reception our flagship razor has had and to provide a run out special. Something unique, yet familiar. But we didn't want to just create a show piece, it had to be the best expression of what the product could be.  

We stand behind our product and believe that items such as a razor shouldn't be disposable or used without thought. The ability to refine tools is uniquely human and they gain further meaning through long term ownership and use.  So we picked titanium as the ideal carrier for this message, hard to work but durable and strong. It is an exotic material for a razor, but also makes it amazingly functional and resilient. No frills, this razor is for life.   


Hand made, two-tone cases.

All 22 razors will be accompanied by one of these beautiful deep green and tan two tone cases. These are hand made in England by Carl Morgan a skilled leather craftsman who collaborated with us to create something that would suit the Type 15t. We told him about the plan for a special edition in titanium and he devised these wonderful cases. The green is timeless and sits perfectly with the natural tones on the titanium. Made from quality leather prepared especially for this project it looks great today, and will age with dignity and be the perfect companion for the 15t through the years. 


The 15t Brush

We designed the brush at the same time as the original Type 15 to compliment each other, but have never officially released it. Each Type 15t will be accompanied with this solid titanium handled brush. Like the razor in titanium it is a beautifully weighted brush that builds a strong lather with minimal effort. A quality 24mm synthetic knot was picked for its longevity, softness and structure. Its a great performer that will be able to keep pace with the 15t for years.   


100 mm - 91g

85 mm - 85g

Both handle lengths are included in the 15t package.


The kit.

Each razor will come packed in a wooden branded Hone box. We also hope this box will also get a lot of use; After using the 15t it will be hard to put the razor back in there so it will come in handy for storing soaps, blades, or other artifacts.


Whats Included.


1. Full CNC machined 15t razor in titanium with the 85mm and 100mm handle lengths.

2. Hand made two tone leather cases in green and tan only available with the 15t.

3. Solid Titanium Type 15 brush with a high quality 24mm synthetic brush knot.


All Type 15T razors are now sold out