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Installing a blade

Replacing the blade regularly is a good way of getting a great shave.  With lots of brands to choose from each with its unique feel It is possible to find your perfect combination.  With a safety razor you can have a fresh blade, more often, for less cost than many modern cartridge razors. 


Get used to holding the razor on the short sides of the head for safety. Unscrew the handle holding the head components together.


The guard and the cap will now come apart.  Be cautious if removing and old blade, they are still very sharp. 


Align a new blade with the posts in the cap, make sure it is seated all the way to the bottom. To re-assemble follow the instructions in reverse.

You don't need to apply lots of force to screw the handle back into place. If it seems hard to replace the handle check the threads aren't crossed and that the blade is properly seated. You don't over tighten the handle, just snug is fine.  Be careful to only hold the blade on the short edge and always follow your blade manufacturers instructions.