Gift Card Terms and Conditions 


Purchasing Gift Cards

Hone offers gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed through the Hone shop. Purchasing and redeeming Gift Cards is covered by the general Hone Terms and Conditions. Gift Cards are delivered in electronic form only, no physical card is sent out.


Redeeming Gift Cards.

Gift Cards may only be redeemed through the Hone online shop and can not be used against previous purchases. The total cost of the order is deducted from the Gift Card balance, any unused Gift Card balance will remain on the Gift Card account. Gift Card balances can be used against the total order and don’t relate to specific items. If the purchase exceeds the Gift Card account, the remaining balance must be paid with using the payment options on the Hone website.


Gift Card Balance.

The balance of a Gift Card can be reviewed by the holder of the Gift Card by entering the Gift Card code into the checkout.



Balances on multiple Gift Cards cannot be combined, or redeemed for other Gift Cards. Gift Cards may not be transferred for other value, cash, or resold. Gift Card balances cannot be transferred to credit card accounts, other account types, or means of payment. Gift Cards can only be redeemed for purchases in GBP which is the currency used in the Hone store. Hone reserves the right to reject Gift Cards and request alternative forms of payment if we reasonably believe that the Gift Card system has been abused or the gift card has been obtained fraudulently.


Lost cards and codes.

If you lose your gift card code we are here to help, please use the contact form to request to have the code re-sent. We will re-send it to the e-mail on the original purchase to avoid fraud unless we are reasonably reassured that a new address is real.


No expiration date or fees.

Gift Cards have no expiration date and we won't charge additional fees in connection with the purchase or use of Gift Cards.


Refunding unused Gift Cards and returns

It is possible to refund an unused gift card within 90 days of purchase for the full amount. Use the Hone contact form to request a refund, we are happy to help.  We reserve the right to refund outside 90 days; circumstances such as a product being out of stock for extended periods or no longer in production can be grounds for an extension on the refund period.

Purchases made with the gift card are subject to our standard returns policy. If a product purchased with a gift card is returned we will refund the original payment made for the gift card less any administration or additional shipping fees.  Please read our returns policy to see more about this.